Financial Support for Semitones

Semitones is generously supported by local Council grants, community grants and donations from the care homes where we play. This money allows us to buy sheet music and essential equipment and also to pay our conductors. We are grateful to all our sponsors and financial supporters who help us to perform at our best.

All Years

- Donations from Care Homes for performances


National Lottery, Awards for All
Tesco, Bags of Help
Waitrose, Community Matters
Skipton Building Society


Waitrose Community Matters


Skipton Building Society

Big Lottery, Awards for All

Concertina Charitable Trust


Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust

Sir James Knott Trust

Newcastle Elders Council 

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- BBC Performing Arts Fund Community Music   scheme

- Concertina Charitable Trust

- Cooperative Community Fund

- Waitrose Community Matters


- Community Development Foundation        Grassroots Grant

- South and North Jesmond wards, Newcastle   City Council

- East and West Gosforth wards, Newcastle City   Council


- South and North Jesmond wards, Newcastle   City Council

- East Gosforth and Kenton wards, Newcastle   City Council



 -Concertina Charitable Trust

If you'd like to support us by making a donation, you can do so either via paypal, or credit card by clicking on the link below.